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The Power of One

We made a MONOCHROMATIC card this week in class.  Are you wondering what kind of card that is?  Let me explain and then show you some pictures.

MONO means: one, single, alone.  Having or appearing to have only one colour.  Could be one colour but different tones of that one colour.

MONOCHROME: Photograph or picture done in ONE colour or DIFFERENT TONES of ONE COLOUR.  (In the photographic field this could also mean using only black and white)

So from the above information we can say that …..MONOCHROMATIC: containing ONE colour

This is the first card I made using CONFETTI WHITE.  It does have few specks in the card but it still is a monochromatic card.

I had to stop myself for reaching for the sponge and ink pad to sponge the edges!!  I used most of my punches and embossing folders which gave texture to the punch outs.  Notice that not all items have been embossed.  The “rise and fall” of this card was achieved by using glue dots and Dimentionals.

I decided that for class, I should make a card coloured card and decided to use DAFFODIL DELIGHT.

It’s great just using one colour.  Try it, I am sure you will love using ONE COLOUR!


2 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. That is awesome I love it if it is ok with you I would love to copy your card and have it for my workshop. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful idea. I know my girls will love it.

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