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It was a big one!

My birthday! 

I had a lovely one.  My daughter decided that at my time of the life, it would be best to celebrate in a two- story PENTHOUSE!  Yes, I spent my birthday in a Penthouse.  (I can now cross that off my list of things to do before I die 🙂  Though that one was never on the list – who would have thought, little ol’ me, in a penthouse!) Thanks Anita and Hubby for such a lovely gift. 

Talking about gifts…. my husband, Rob came home with a bunch of 12 long-stemmed roses, a BIG bottle of opium perfume and a gold bangle.  (He gave me one ten years ago when I had another “Big One” )


 One of 12 roses.  Watching the sun set from our balcony.

The birthday person in the family always has to wear THE HAT.  So here I am wearing the hat!  I think they are waiting for me to blow out the candles.  (see the candle in the corner)

THE BIRTHDAY CAKE.  My grandchildren, Amber and Sonny, helped their mummy to make this YUMBO chocolate cake.  Once they had finished decorating with the smarties, Amber felt that the cake needed a little something else – EDIBLE FAIRIES.  Not to be out done, Sonny donated one of his thousands of  cars, and placed it on the plate for the artistic effect.  (Not seen in this picture – as soon as the cake reached the table he took the car off to play with!)

Thank goodness that they didn’t put ALL the candles on the cake otherwise, I would have had to have shared my cake with the firemen who would have had to come to put out the fire! 🙂

As this blog is dedicated to cards, here is the best hand-made card that I received.


Amber (soon turning 5) chose purple for my card – my favourite colour.  On the left inside,  Amber did the drawing of me and her, holding hands and dancing.  Sonny drew on the right inside, a master piece in his favourite colour, yellow.

In case you are wondering, Amber is pink (long beautiful hair).  I am purple, (short hair) doing an amazing dance (A bit like a ‘knees up!)  See how happy I am. 

May I introduce Amber and Sonny, who received the  “BEST CARD” Award.   (Lots and Lots of kisses from their Nanna)  They were also voted the best CAKE DECORATORS in the WORLD. APPLAUSE

THANK YOU to my Daughter, who decided that I deserved the best for my BIG birthday by suggesting the penthouse and for paying half of the massive cost)  This is the ring she created for me.  Gold, semi precious stones and one piece of Amber that just shines in the sunlight.  (She creates and sells jewellery)



ANITA – isn’t she lovely – not only on the outside but on the inside too.

THANK YOU, MY BEST FRIEND, MY LOVE,  for making me feel extra special on my Birthday.  You make me feel special always. 



5 thoughts on “It was a big one!

  1. What a fantastic post! Thanks for sharing your special day Olga. 🙂 Your grandkids are just gorgeous and their cards are so special 🙂 LOVE the ring your daughter made for you, it’s absolutely stunning. Happy (belated) Birthday. xx

  2. Beautiful just beautiful congratulations on your big one and a very Happy belated Birthday from me.
    To a very special lady.

  3. You really deserved to be spoilt on your very special day.
    We were priveleged to share a part of your special treat.
    Love Alison

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