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A Mixed Bag

Sorry for not posting…. I have had a wonderful week (Will tell you about that once I have sorted out my pictures to show you)

Here are a few cards and class cards that never got posted.  A mixed bag!

This card was made one day when I was thinking about my mum.  This is the kind of card she would have loved to receive.  Glitter and flowers.  So I named it “Old Fashion Card”.  Didn’t present it to a class as I believe that this kind of card is not ‘the in thing”.  As I was making it, I just kept thinking about my beautiful mum.  Do you know she kept every card I ever sent her!  I miss her…..


This is a card that we did in class and I forgot to post it!  They are not the same size!  The pink one is smaller and is note size. 


My Grandson, Sonny, celebrated his….. (Can you guess? 🙂 )  A lot of free-hand was done on this card.  Notice the snake?  What is hiding behind the long grass?  A LION… GROWL!  With Sonny, if it isn’t cars, then it is lions and tigers.  Loves to ‘scare’ us all as he plays being a lion or tiger.  Love him to bits.


This is the card that my ladies did last week.  They learnt how to SHADOW.  The medallion stamp is ideal for this technique.

Now I am off to get prepare for my classes, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I am going to play and create a card – for this month’s challenge that I gave to my ladies.

Then I am going to edit all the pictures that I have taken last week and on the weekend.  I can’t wait to share with you how my family spoilt me for my BIG birthday and Mother’s Day.



7 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag

  1. very nice card pretty
    I still talk to my mum several year after her passing and I made her a card too

  2. The pink flowered card is absolutely beautiful. Your mum would have loved it. I loved the card you made for your grandson too.

  3. Thanks Shirley for noticing the new theme. I like it because it is simple and clean. AND I CAN CHANGE THE COLOUR – PURPLE! 🙂

  4. Miss Nan too ! Sonny loves his card and like my Nana I have saved every card too…. Love you Mom xxx

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