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Extra large two step punch

I think I am going to have fun using this punch.   Keep coming back (or better still, why not subscribe to my blog and you will get an up-date, every time I post?) to see how this versatile punch can be used to create amazing cards.

I made a few cards for our Church craft stall.  Same card but different colours.  Here are a couple that I made.

A card layout like this one is easy to mass produce and as I had a number of cards to make, this was a quick and easy style to use.

Being a purple girl, I am liking the last one.  Which do you like?


3 thoughts on “Extra large two step punch

  1. Hi Olga,
    I love them all, they look wonderful and I cant wait to be able to get this punch.
    You are so clever.
    Cheers for now

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