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How I take my pictures

To publish on my blog.

(Sorry to all the serious photographers that have come to my blog because of the post heading)

I take my Canon G9, my cards and off to our study. 

I move “Bob the Builder”  and the pen holder thingy.  Leave Big Ted (I made him for my husband.  He is hand-made from mohair.  Hubby found the hat – pink – and put it on poor – male – ted!)

I cover Big Ted with the crochet doily.  Place my card in front of covered up Ted. 

 The lighting – very important for us serious photographers 🙂 – “direct light”  from the window and sky light. 

I “put” my camera into macro mode (well at least I am out of auto! 🙂 )

Click!!  Twice for good measure!  Download to Laptop.  “Play” in Photo-shop and upload to blog.  That’s it.

My next camera will be an SLR – so getting the hang of this 🙂 🙂

Big Ted

Big Ted getting ready to be the back-drop for my pictures.

Seriously, you can take pictures of your cards anywhere, as long as the lighting is good.  Go out into your garden and find a spot (out of direct sunlight) and click away. 

Have fun…. show the ‘world’ your creations.  🙂


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