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Ok, my holiday is over and I am back to blogging.  BUT I have been busy.  Already I have designed cards for my next 5 classes!  (Oh it feels good, to be sooooo in front).  The night before classes, all I have to do is prepare.  “Oh what a feeling”

This year, I have told my ladies that we will be discovering and getting messy 🙂  There will be a lot of using the brayer (starting simple) then moving on to advanced brayering.  Water colouring will be a key element in my cards this year too. 

So don’t forget to come back and espy my class cards.

 I received some beautiful hand-made Christmas cards that I would like to share.







My Up-line, Tina xx


 Now for my Favourite card…..

THOMAS my oldest grandchild xxx

We "leve" YOU, too

Pop, Thomas and Nanna (me)

THANK YOU THOMAS for such a lovely card.  I just love my pink blouse.  Well done!  Pop and I are looking forward to getting our Birthday Cards this year……

THANK YOU to all the ladies who made a hand-made card.  They are going into my ‘box’



2 thoughts on “I’M BACK!!

  1. What do you mean Shirley? It’s there……… 🙂

    It just went for zoom zoom drive…. 🙂

    I had so much trouble with this post. I deleted it once and tried to start again. (Still learning) Anyway…. all fixed now 🙂

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