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More Western Australian Wildflowers

Hubby and I went looking for wildflowers with a couple of friends.  We took lots pictures (as you do when you have a digital camera 🙂  We found, four,  not so common wildflowers! AND lots of other beautiful wildflowers.

Blue Lady Orchid, Uncommon

Blue Lady Orchid

Mountain Banjine and moth!

Mountain Banjine w2

Wolly Coneflower w

 About 4 days later, I felt something on my shoulder and asked my daughter to take a look.  “It has legs’!!! she said.  Yikes, it was a tick!! ‘ Get it out!!’  (As she lives on a property, she is an Ace at pulling them out) 

Yuk, is all I can say.  Hubby didn’t get any nor my friend but her husband found two! (After I had rung her up and told her what happened to me and told her that they had better check themselves), 

I told her that her hubby and I have the sweeter blood! 

This is a first…. I wonder if I can scrapbook the Tick?  LOL


One thought on “More Western Australian Wildflowers

  1. Yuk Yuk Yuk,,,,, I love looking at bugs, they fascinate me, just so long as they don’t want to make friends with me, and I definitely draw the line at wearing them as fashion items….. LOL glad you got rid of your lodger Olga xx T

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