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Another birthday

It seems like it’s one birthday after another – well, it is one birthday after another!  Duh.

Now it is Max’s turn.  He turns 4 in a few days.  I made his brother the dino. tri-shutter card and wondered what I could do for him.  I know that it had to have a dino or two … just like his brother’s.

I decided to make a different tri-shutter card (the cuts are different).  I included a few dinos which I cut out.  I hope he likes it.

Happy Birthday Max

Happy Birthday Max

Inside view
Inside view
Just love the ‘bright’ colours and I am sure a four year old will too! 
Over the next few days, I will make a Tri-shutter card for my ladies to make in class.  I am going to  use SU DSP.  Not sure what ‘theme’ yet but it will come to me when I sit at my desk and look at my stamp collection and papers…. So coming back to have a look! 
Another view  Bird's eye view A bird’s eye view! 

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