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Birthday Girl!!

Birthday girl……Well, Woman really or maybe golden Oldie 🙂

Just loved my birthday.  I was woken by an early morning phone call.  My nearly 4 year old granddaughter sang “Happy Birthday”  all the way way through….. with a ‘hiphip hooray!”  Just warmed my heart.  That was a fantastic start to my birthday.

Happy Birthday to you Nanna

Happy Birthday to you Nanna

In the background I could hear my 2 year old grandson saying “Chocolate Cake”.  Maybe not a song but it was very much a birthday sentiment.  (In the evening, we went to a restaurant and he got his wish – my birthday cake was a chocolate one and he enjoyed it.

Chocolate cake! Yum

Yummy Chocolate cake!

Last year my daughter decided that we should start a family birthday tradition by wearing a ‘Birthday Hat’!! And what a hat it is…. !!!  So we are all having to wear it when it’s our birthdays.  I wore it to the restaurant and got many people wish me a happy birthday (Smiling and I am sure they were thinking – I wouldn’t wear that hat).

So back to after the early phone call.  I went to craft and everyone greeted me a ‘happy birthday’.  I was mystified how they knew!  I was busy teaching my class, when my friend Julie tapped my on the shoulder.  In her hands she had a delicious cheese cake (from the cheese cake shop).  Yummy (Drat, I had started my diet two days before.  Oh well, it was my birthday – did you know it was my birthday? 🙂  What a wonderful surprise!  What a wonderful friend.

Grandsons who live in Sydney rang.  My eldest grandson, was also celebrating his birthday.  What a great Daughter-in-law I have to give me a beautiful gift on my birthday six years ago.  He said that the dino card I made for him was the best card he ever had!

The day ended with an evening meal.  Thank goodness my daughter didn’t put all the candles on the cake – we would have taken all night to blow them out….

Needing help to blow the candles out!

Needing help to blow the candles out!


A great day…..  now promise not to laugh…. here’s the hat.

THE hat!

THE hat!


One thought on “Birthday Girl!!

  1. Olga I had no idea it was your birthday – I’m a bad, bad upline 😦
    It looks like you had a wonderful day though and I just LOVE the hat. Your grand children are adorable and it sure looks like they enjoyed the chocolate cake 🙂 Happy Birthday !! xox Tina

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